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"creative insight"FEBRUARY 22, 2011 A Little Zap of the Brain Yields Fresh Insights *
Research subjects who received electrical stimulation of the anterior temporal lobes of the brain were 3 times more likely to come up with the fresh insight needed to solve a difficult, unfamiliar problem than people in a control group, according to Richard Chi and Allan Snyder of the University of Sydney.

The researchers say they envision a future when noninvasive brain stimulation is briefly employed for solving problems that have evaded traditional cognitive approaches.  Source: Facilitate Insight by Non-invasive Brain Stimulation

Wow!  Shades of Young Frankenstein! According to a recent study forwarded by the Harvard Business Review , it seems Mother should not have yelled at my cousin and me all those years ago.  I was three and Tommy was barely two.

We were always in trouble when together.  My Aunt and Uncle had a big, old bed that sat ‘way up off the ground (at least is seemed very high to those of us whose favored means of locomotion was still crawling).  And hidden ’way back under the bed was that exciting toy – an electrical outlet.

Our favorite trick (when we weren’t unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper and dropping it in the bowl to see how much we could flush at once) was to lick our fingers and stick them in the outlet.  I clearly remember the sense of fun and excitement that “tingle” provided.  We never quite understood why our mothers got so excited about it, but we knew we had to do it when no one was looking.

Somehow we survived (although the toilet needed serious work). And now it seems that I may owe my creative talents to my childhood mischief-making.  Nevertheless, if I ever find my some-day grandchildren trying that trick I’ll undoubtedly come down on them like a ton of bricks. Creativity be damned, let them grow up to be accountants!

*Source: Harvard Business Review – Daily Stat February 22, 2011

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1 Comment

  1. Rebecca Crichton

    Tani, Glad you lived to remember and share that memory.
    I just Googled Electrial Self Stimulation and there are a cluster of devices and programs that allegedly cure insomnia and depression and improve concentration. Your future grandchildren will have other outlets! (Sorry, coudln’t resist.)Rebecca

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