Keep Him…Then You Won’t Be Alone

Finding Friendship In A Waggly Tail

Feb 25, 2011 by

Max came into my life quite unexpectedly and my life changed. I didn’t know it at the time. How often do we not realize the little moments that ultimately impact our lives?

I was enjoying a lazy Saturday when my friend Alf called to tell me that a rescued White West Highland Terrier had just been dropped off  ready to be adoped.  If I wanted the pooch I had to come over to his house right away. I really wasn’t looking for a dog.  I was traveling. I didn’t have a lot of time. But well .. I was curious and it’s difficult to say “no” to Alf so I drove to the other side of Atlanta  “just to check him out.”

I wish I could tell you that I instantly fell in love with the little white bundle of fur. Oh he was cute and very sweet but .. I just wasn’t sure.  “Try him out for just a couple of days,” encouraged Alf.  Alf and his wife Debbie loaded a big bag of dog food and “just a few” doggy toys into my car. As they waved good bye I couldn’t help but think it was a whole lot of stuff for just “a couple of days.”

My girlfriend Bobbi had scheduled a small diner party for that night. Since I was hesitant to leave my sort of almost perhaps not quite my new puppy alone on his first night in his sort of almost perhaps not quite new home, he was invited come along too. Needless to say, he was the star of the party.  Until he spied  Linda’s pocketbook. Oh no! So wrong. Not very polite. However, my friends are forgiving and well .. he was so cute .. all was soon fine again.

Over cocktails, over dinner, over glasses of wine, over dessert, over coffee our conversation circled the pros and cons of my keeping this little guy. The more we analyzed the more confused I became. Eight year old Katie was sitting on the floor playing with Max.  I asked what she thought I should do. She stopped petting her new friend and with the innocence and wisdom of a child said, “Yes, keep him then you won’t be alone.” I must admit I was speechless for a moment or two.

You have to understand that Katie’s world is built around a traditional family: her mom, dad and little brother Alex. In the past, we’ve had a few chats about how I live all by myself.  It’s hard for her to comprehend that a person 1. could live alone and 2. not be lonely living alone.  The funny thing is a lot of adults have difficulty grasping that concept as well.

As you might have guessed, I kept Max or perhaps Max agreed to join me.  What often happens when you least expect it .. I fell in love. This time with a little doggy I call Max, who just happens to be a YouTube Rock Star!

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  1. Hi Toby,
    Congrats on adopting your little guy!

    I adopted a rescue cat on Valentine’s weekend.
    She’s the most adorable little girl. Can you imagine being found in the cold in mid-December? She’s all recovered and making me smile now.

    I travel too much too, but she’s taking it in stride too!
    Pets are the most wonderful thing.


  2. That is so great! I am glad to hear about how Max came about.
    Very wise decision to give Max a shot when Alf discovered him. I am sure he is really great company to you. I didn’t know you live alone – but now you don’t.

    Great article. Thank you for posting this.

  3. polli

    I love the way a dog misses you…whether it’s ten minutes or ten days they are just so very happy to have you back. They overlook our flaws, never comment on bad hair days and can be bought with some treats!

  4. Serena – amazing how our little pals can capture our hearts and keep us from getting too much into our selves. max seems to know the exact right moment when I need a laugh or giggle.

  5. Animals are great companions, even if you are fine with living on your own. They add a marvelous dimension to our lives and teach us many great lessons… how to play, in your video!

    I’ve never owned a dog, but I can vouch for the benefits of owning a cat……(or, rather, a cat owning me!)

    – SerenaK

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