Cosmetic Surgery .. You, Only Better

A little nip .. a little tuck .. why not?

Feb 23, 2011 by

It’s all about light reflection – not lines and wrinkles so..whatever you do… keep smiling to keep your natural good looks!

Did you know that there are new “non-invasive” dermatology techniques that fill areas where there is less light reflection – which is a measure of “youth” according to Erin Myers-Albaridi, Physician’s Assistant, Connecticut Dermatology Group.  Erin says it’s not really about the lines it’s about filling in to restore the facial contours that allow us to achieve a seamless transition from one area of the face to the other.

So, goodbye “nip and tuck”..hello facial rejuvenation.  At least for the kinds of “work” that helps us keep our natural good looks as we age and save for retirement.

In other words, it’s not the nip and tuck that we know is going to break the bank. The average price of a lower face lift being in the range of $14,000 – $25,000.  That includes the 2-week to 2.5 month recovery time, depending on a range of factors that are not in your control.  Facial rejuvenation is a fraction of the cost – you could even save it up by adding a few dollars to the piggy bank every day – and the results vary but last for longer than you might think.

A final note about my mom: My mom, a big bike rider today,  was likely typical of other women her age and socioeconomic status but she paid big bucks for surgery to restore her youthful good looks.  As her daughter, she is so beautiful I don’t see one line or wrinkle I’d want to remove but then again,  beauty is always in the eye of the beholder!

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  1. Okay Gfs .. who has had a nick and tuck or a non invasive procedure? Can you share with us your thoughts prior to and after? Was it worth the effort?

  2. Cosmetic Surgery .. You, Only Better #cosmetic #surgery #plastic #self #image

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