Valentine’s Day for 3 Please

Three Is Not A Crowd

Feb 14, 2011 by

I am a freelance filmmaker.  I live alone, work from home–alone and can go days without hearing a human voice.  Sometimes I like this, sometimes I don’t. When I’m on a project, I find that I immerse myself to the exclusion of everything and everyone else.  Do any of you do that?  I get so caught-up in my own drama that I forget to live a little.

And now it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m wondering how to celebrate.  Well, last night my sister and I made a fabulous dinner — fillets and lobster tails with herb grilled baby carrots, Caesar salad, mixed grains and an amazing bottle of Shiraz.  Never mind that my brother-in-law was also at the table, I was celebrating Valentine’s Day my way, with good friends. It doesn’t matter that I’m the “odd man out,” or should I say woman?  Three is not a crowd, it’s a party.

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I own my production company, Peal Productions LLC. I now make my living as a documentary filmmaker who specializes in natural history and wildlife. I get to travel and experience amazing things, but I also know how hard it is to be a woman of a certain age, trying to make a living. I expanded my production company to include work in digital media, social media, and website design. This combines my photography/graphic arts/environmental science degrees and keeps me employed.
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  1. When I saw your title I thought you were celebrating V Day with two four-legged soulmates. Had I discovered the firce love they give and engender, I wouldn’t have chased the two-footers until my early 50s. Next month I start collecting social security and my best memories of V and other special days are the extra time my animal companions and I had together.

    Would I marry? That’s a question like: Would you relocate to Egypt for a journalism fellowship to cover the post-revolution. My answer would be: How much time are you giving me to make a decision?

    • admin

      Oh how could I leave out my two greatest loves, BW and McGillakitty. You are so right

  2. As a professional artist, I do the same thing. I work long hours alone in my studio….and I love it! It’s absolutely luscious to live in my right-brain world. But once in a while I need to get out, to see my friends and re-connect in the real world, which is just as sumptuous. Learning to manage that balance is important to my artistic life as well as my personal life.

    Thanks for the reminder, Debra, that it’s OK to find ways to do both!

    – SerenaK

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